Wow, that's a hearty laugh.  And not posed at all.Connective Tissue is the partly-personal, partly-ministry blog of Danny Franks, who makes his living as a Connections Pastor at the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.  He also makes a life as the husband of an out-of-his-league hottie and the dad of three cool sons and one sweet princess.  This blog is a reflection of how he interacts with all of the above.

He also speaks, trains, and consults with churches all over the country.  If by “all over the country” you mean that one time in Florida.  And then another time in Alabama.  Oh, and just on the other side of Winston-Salem a few months back.  But he’d love to speak, train, and consult with you.  You know…if you’re interested in that sort of thing.  (You should also note that he often gives unsolicited advice to complete strangers that could get him punched in the throat.)

Editor’s note: and now he will switch to referencing himself in the first-person.

If you really dig the blog and agree with everything, you should probably start a grass-roots campaign to get me a big fat raise, because all the good stuff flows from my role as a pastor.

If any of my comments rub you the wrong way, that means they are obviously in no way representative of the Summit Church, other staff, members, paper goods suppliers, or people who attended here back in the seventies but don’t anymore because they’re dead.

I’m glad you’re here.  Behave yourself, and don’t make me come back there.  I will pull this blog over, young man.

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