February 2013

We’ve been celebrating Lazy Bum Week around the old blog, where I just put up other people’s content for your enjoyment. But since I normally do this every Thursday, we can officially say I’m no longer lazy, ’cause I’m sticking to the plan. Right? Right. 

Or at least I think so.

The Saddest Map in AmericaFor those of you who have ever fallen in love at the Wal Marts.

Yep, there it is: the result of a scholarly study by Dorothy Gambrell of the “missed connections” section of Craigslist.

Priest Performs Superhero-Themed MassesI think now we know the real reason the Pope is retiring.

He wears a special robe emblazoned with superheroes and he blesses his congregation with holy water from a Super Soaker. With violence all around them, he hopes these unconventional methods will help young people understand and relate to Jesus as a messenger of justice.

What is Love? Originally seen on my friend Michael Kelley’s blog. I dare you to make it through this without crying like a baby. May God help us all to be spouses like this.


It’s Lazy Bum Week around the ol’ blog. I’m laying low and sharing some piled-up content that I’ve been collecting around the web. New stuff comes back next week. Enjoy!

The Top Ten Hacks For Automating Your LifeLove me some Lifehacker.

I Want Wish List: an app to keep track of things you loveI guess you can list this app on the app?

Eerie Portraits of Retired Ventriloquist DummiesSorry you won’t be able to sleep tonight. Or ever.

It’s Lazy Bum Week around the ol’ blog. I’m laying low and sharing some piled-up content that I’ve been collecting around the web. New stuff comes back next week. Enjoy!

Score Sheet to Measure How Terrible You Are On TwitterThis’ll depress you.

The Beards of Ministry: a Field Guide to Pastoral Facial HairOnce again, I’m nowhere to be found on this list.

An Artist’s Progression from 2 Years Old to 25Fascinating. How do you track your own progress?

It’s Lazy Bum Week around the ol’ blog. I’m laying low and sharing some piled-up content that I’ve been collecting around the web. New stuff comes back next week. Enjoy!

Name That Space Rock, A Handy Chart That Explains Meteors and MoreAdmit it. You needed this a couple of weeks ago.

With the recent meteor/meteorite news, illustrator Tim Lillis of Narwhal Creative realized that he was confused about the differences between meteors, meteoroids, comets, and meteorites, so he designed “Name That Space Rock,” a handy chart that explains them all.

3D Doodler: 3D Pen That Lets You Draw Plastic ObjectsRemember kids: only seven more shopping months till my birthday.

3Doodler is a 3D printer pen that makes it possible to “draw” three-dimensional plastic objects. The pen works by heating a thin plastic wire until it is pliable, and then cooling the plastic with a fan after it comes out of the pen tip. The creators of 3Doodler, Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue of WobbleWorks, are raising funds for the project on Kickstarter.

Weatherman Passes Out Live On Air. Seriously, he didn’t sort of expect this?


On Sunday my firstborn will turn 17. Dang. That makes his mama old. Here’s a chunk of a post I wrote four years ago when he hit his teenage years. Hey Jacob…thanks for not making these last four too dramatic.

Happy birthday.

It was thirteen years ago that I held that little chunk of screaming baby in my arms.  Thirteen years ago that I cried because of God’s mercy to us.  Thirteen years ago that I changed my firstborn’s very first diaper and then ducked as he peed all over me.

I find myself revisiting all the things I ever said to parents of the teenagers in my group.  Was I off base?  Did I have a clue what I was talking about?  Was I relying on biblical principles or my own pseudo-knowledge?  Will the things I taught be the things that I turn to now that I’m in those very same trenches?

I find myself looking backwards to the first thirteen years and forwards to the next thirteen. Will he become the man I want him to be?  Will he be a better man than I want him to be? What parts of his character still need to develop?

Read the entire post.

It’s the fourth day of the week, kiddies (or third day if you’re a complete Easter-hating pagan), which means it’s time for T34A, three links that have grabbed my attention and shook it like a can of Redi-Whip. Don’t forget to click on the bold print to see the original source and drive up the other guy’s stats.

What We Church People Can Learn From Cinnamon BreadMy friend Matt Pearson is the master of bringing truth out of the mundane. I’m pretty sure that’s a talent.

What do people who are seeking God get when they come to our churches? What do people who are ‘shopping’ for a church get when the visit our churches? Do they walk in with expectations to be wowed with gracious people who have been overwhelmed by a real and loving God only to leave disappointed and empty? Or do they walk in with huge expectations and leave blown away at how their hopes have been exceeded?

Kentucky Pastor Calls on Tennessee To Return His Venomous SnakesKeep in mind: the pastor is from Kentucky (not my home state). The authorities trying to take the snakes away are from Tennessee (which IS my home state). I’ll thank you to keep your snarky backwoodsy comments to yourself.

Coots said that he could replace the snakes, but the containers holding them were very important. “One means more to me more than a lot of worldly possessions. I’ve had it a long time. The other three, I feel it’s my property,” he explained.

How To Become PopeAdmit it: you’ve always wondered how this works. And now you know.


Saturday morning I was heading through the Starbucks drive through far too early, ordering my requisite Venti Blonde (I don’t care if you order a Tall, Grande, or Venti, you can never, ever order something called a “Blonde” and make it not sound sketchy).

So there I was, waiting on my Large Light Roast (trademark pending), when I glanced over at the tip jar perched on the drive through window sill. Inside the sill till was a single dollar bill, and handwritten on the bill were these words:

“Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready? REPENT.”

It was enough to make this Baptist boy toss in a fiver and take the dollar out for change.

It’s not because I don’t believe that Jesus is coming back (I do). It’s not because I don’t think people should be ready (I do). It’s not because I don’t think repentance is an important thing (you guessed it…I do).

It’s because I’m not sure how effective we can be with an illegally scrawled note on US legal tender that’s dumped on an unsuspecting barista. Think about it: that drive through barista may or may not already be a believer. Their exposure to the gospel is summed up by an anonymous note on a buck (which is defacing currency, which is illegal, which makes it evandelism). I’ve met lots of believers and lots of how-I-came-to-Jesus stories, and not one has included the phrase “It all started when I was called to repentance beside a picture of George Washington…”

For the record, I feel the same way about most evangelical tracts, any tract with block lettering and the basic message that Jack-o-Lanterns will send you to hell, 94% of church marquees out there, and “Jesus Loves You” graffiti on an overpass.

I don’t think things like that make Christians look effective, I think it makes us look silly. It doesn’t make us look like people who are ready to engage in relationship, but people who’d rather hide behind anonymity. It doesn’t make us look like we care about intelligent discussion, but rather treasure our pithy one liners that can be encapsulated above the Treasury Secretary’s signature.

How much better if we befriend the barista rather than berate with our buck? How much more effective if we build a relationship rather than do an evangelical hit and run? How much more kingdom impact can be had by engaging rather than evading?

Am I wrong? Maybe. Maybe not. Comment below, or scribble your thoughts on green paper and send them to me.

I prefer the ones that come pre-printed with “100.”

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