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Not everybody is going to be on stage this weekend.

Not everybody is going to be in the spotlight.

Not everybody will speak to the masses; not everybody will carry a title; not everybody will be seen by a crowd.

Somebody’s work is going to be behind the scenes. Somebody is going to feel like their contribution is insignificant. Somebody is going to ask the question, “Does what I do really matter?”

And the answer is a resounding “YES!” Yes, it matters. Yes, that trash can you empty matters. Yes, that window you clean matters. Yes, that piece of paper you pick up out of the parking lot, that bathroom soap dispenser you refill, that child that you kneel to speak to or that stranger you extend your hand to…all of those acts matter.

The role you play – no matter how small you think it may be – matters. It matters to a guest. It matters to the systems that depend on that task. And it matters to a God who sees everything, even when everyone¬†doesn’t.

Whatever your task in the kingdom, do it as if it’s a matter of eternal importance. Do it as if you’re performing the task for God himself.

Because it is. And you are.