When Jesus Haunts Your Halloween(via @davidcmathis)

When Jesus haunts our Halloween, we pour in the extra energy and creativity to capitalize on this opportunity to meet new neighbors and go deep with the old — whether we’re ushering our kids from house to house or leaving our lights on and giving out the best candy.

Florida cop buys $100 in groceries for woman caught shoplifting food(via @ABC11_WTVD) There’s a sermon illustration here. I just know it.

“I grabbed my debit card, ran back into the store and bought things that would sustain her for a week or so and when I walked out she saw that I had the cart of groceries and she burst out in tears and asked if she could hug me, which is kind of unusual for the suspect to be hugging the officer,” Thomas said with a laugh. “I let her hug me.”

Halloween Treats Gone Wrong.