Some of you fell (and fell hard) for Sunday’s post regarding our new Tow-Away Parking Policy. Happy April 1st to you!

But the reality is, I have been serving on our Brier Creek parking team for the last few weeks. I’ve stepped away from my normal duties in order to toss on an orange vest, grab a walkie talkie, and keep the parking lots safe from ne’er-do-wells.

You might ask, “Why? Why would you serve in a – gasp! – volunteer position?” I know that you might ask that, because I’ve been asked that face to face a dozen or so times in the last few weeks.

And the answer that I never give, because I’m a southern Christian gentleman of a pastor, is simple:

“I’m serving, because you’re not.”

That’s right, that’s the answer I’d never give. Not even in a fictional retelling of the story.


But the answer, though never really spoken, is still very much true. For months, we’ve had a parking team that has survived with about 4-6 guys at 9:00, and 6-8 guys at 11:00. That’s 10-14 people to manage 1500-2000 cars every single Sunday morning. That’s 10-14 people to brave the heat and cold, dodge your reckless driving, and yes, endure those of you who tell us you’ll park where you darn well please (sadly, that’s no April fool).

Because I value the guys on that team, I can’t continue to tell them to get ‘er done with the numbers they have. So I serve.

Because I value reserving some spaces for our first time guests and members with special needs, I stand out there just in case I can act as a deterrent for violators. So I serve.

Because I really do believe the sermon starts in the parking lot, I like to stand out in the parking lot so that I can help preach that sermon. So I serve.

And you can too. You can serve on the parking team. You can serve on the seaters team. You can serve on the Summit Kids team or production team or just about any other team you can think of. Just serve. Serve not because we need you, but because you need to. Serve because Jesus has wired you to live in community and give back to others.

At the end of the day, I don’t care whether you’re serving in parking team orange, Summit Kids blue, or street clothes whatever-color-your-street clothes are. Just serve.

Let me help you. See that “Make Contact” tab in the top right corner of the screen? Click it and shoot me an email. I’ll help you get plugged in.

And slow down when you see me in the parking lot. My wife isn’t quite ready to be a widow.