just named our own Pastor J.D. as one of the Top Ten Pastors To Watch in 2010.

Truth be told, we’ve been watching him for a while now.  That extra slice of pizza on your lunch plate?  It won’t be there long.  Sticky fingers he has.

But truly, this is a high honor, and leads the Summit to a high calling.  Just as sure as evangelicals are watching our pastor, you can be sure that ol’ ugly himself is watching as well.  Satan loves nothing more than to see a leader fall, to ignore his family, to compromise his leadership…so would you join me in praying for Pastor J.D. this year?  (Heck, you can do it in 2011 too if you’d like.)

Pray Magazine offers a list of scripturally-based prayers to pray for your pastor.  I’m going to be using it, and I’d invite you do to so as well.