Humanity has only wiped out one disease—smallpox. This is the second. And we’re doing it without meds. (via @22Words) This is simply fascinating.


Right now, a mother in South Sudan is sipping from the bucket of water she is carrying to her family. A man in Mali or Chad is cooling his head in some standing water and takes a couple of gulps. A child in Ethiopia splashes her face and has a quick drink.

One of them swallows the very last Guinea Worm larva that will ever grow to torment a human being again. It will be painful for them, but after that it will literally never happen again.

Five Reasons  You Should Smile More as a Leader. (via @MichaelHyatt) I have what some on my team call a “thinking face.” And it usually involves a less-than-happy look. While I’m actually not mad 94% of the time, this article nailed my frown to the wall.

“Are you angry at someone?”

“No,” I said, somewhat surprised.

“You sure?” she pressed.

“Absolutely,” I insisted.

“Then you might want to let your face know, because it looks like you are are ticked off! It’s intimidating and shutting people down.”

100 Year Old BFFs React to Pop Culture. (via @IAmSteveHarvey) Warning: there’s a couple of mild wordy-durds in this, but they’re spoken by 100 year old women, so I reckon it has to be okay.