Three links. Three things I’ve been reading this week. Starts in three…two…

Granger Community Church establishment reaches out to communityI’ve long been a fan of my friends at Granger. They’ve designed their new facility with their community in mind.

The Eatery, Reads and Things operators pride themselves on being more than a restaurant or cafe. According to their business profile on yelp, “While excellent food and drink and an open atrium atmosphere with great reads are all accounted for, we truly believe those who serve you and how they serve you is the difference. You aren’t a simple transaction. You aren’t just a number. You’re a testament to the way we do things and a treasure worth hanging onto.”

Communication is a path, not an eventAs usual, brilliance from Seth Godin.

Don’t sell us anything but the burning desire to follow up. The point of his talk wasn’t to get a new customer (impossible), nor was it to get through the talk and get it over with (silly and selfish). No, the point of the talk should have been to open the door to have a better, individual conversation soon.

30 things turning 30 this yearI turn 40 this year. Which means that I remember when most of these things came on the scene. Zoiks.


McDonald’s executive chef Rene Arend created the Chicken McNugget way back in 1979, but it wasn’t available in McDonald’s restaurants nationwide until 1983 because there simply wasn’t enough processed chicken to go around. Oddly enough, that McNugget shortage was what led Arend to create the McRib in 1981.