TGIT? You betcha. Here are three things that I’ve had my eyes on this week (click the header links to read the full articles).

Broken EventsEvery single pastor and every single speaker and every single leader in every single church needs to read this. Seth Godin displays his usual genius.

If someone starts by telling a joke that they know is lame or starts going through all the tribulations they had finding something to say, if the audience is checking the time or secretly tweeting, then the event itself is broken. The speaker who discharges an obligation is not a speaker you are hoping to hear.

Items in “12 Days of Christmas” Now Costs $107,000…Plus TaxGreat news: those eight maids a milking are a real bargain.

The cost of buying all 364 items repeated throughout the timeless holiday carol has gone up 6.1 percent since last year, according to the annual Christmas Price Index compiled by PNC Wealth Management. And the new retail cost of $107,300 really hurts in the biggest U.S. cities, where state and local sales tax adds on as much as 9.5 percent.

Inside One of Amazon’s Busiest Days. This makes my inner organizational nerd just a little bit giddy.