Say What?

If you weren’t in Sunday’s worship service at Brier Creek, the following won’t make much sense to you.  Sorry…come back tomorrow.

Tuesday morning I discovered that I was responsible for David Thompson nearly having heart failure.  After guest speaker Afshin Ziafat brought the heat last Sunday, I made the following remark from the stage:

“If you’d like to meet Afshin personally, he’ll be down at the front after the service.  Come on up and talk to him so you can tell your grandchildren you touched the original Turban Cowboy.”

The good Rev. Thompson missed the first few minutes of Afshin’s message where he referred to himself by that moniker, so David didn’t know I was quoting Afshin, he just thought I was making stuff up on the spot.  (How dare he…like I ever do that.)  My sources tell me that Thompson went white as a ghost and looked like he was going to lose his breakfast (brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal), double Afshin’s honorarium to cover my insults, and tell J.D. that a trained seal would have been a better pick for Campus Pastor.

Ahhh…I’m glad my reputation precedes me.

Yesterday my family and I had the privilege of going to lunch with Gaston and his family and Clayton King, who headlined this weekend’s Nexus Project and spoke at the Summit on Sunday morning.

As we were leaving the restaurant my eleven-year old, who has a thing for hobnobbing with the rich and powerful, said, “Dad, is Clayton King famous?”

I replied, “Well sure, he’s more famous than the Beatles.”



Then he said, “What about Carl Cartee?  Is he more famous than him?”

Since I’m pretty sure Carl has never and will never read this blog, I said, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s more famous than Carl Cartee.”

We kept driving for a few minutes, and then my son…my somewhat intelligent son who the last time I checked is in the gifted program…spoke again:

“Dad, is he more famous than Nelson Mandela?”

The setting: Christmas morning, pulling up into my parents’ driveway.

From the back seat, Austin, my eleven year old who – the last time I checked – is in the gifted program at his school, says…

“Man, Jesus was lucky!  His birthday came on Christmas day!”

It seems as though his seminary trained pastor father has failed him.  Good luck, Jeremy.  I’m turning the kid over to you.

Overheard in the Summit offices last week…

Bethany:  Does anyone know the name of that Mexican restaurant over by Carolina Ale House in Brier Creek?

Rick:  Ummm…it’s El something.

By golly, I think he may be right.

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