I mentioned yesterday that April 1st (April Fool’s Day, here in these United States) is my favorite day on the Internet. That’s why I’m presenting you with top three pranks I saw out there. No foolin’.

MEGroups(via @MidtownColumbia) My friends down at Midtown Fellowship took a strikingly similar path as our socialMEdia™ Small Groups. No, we didn’t collaborate. We didn’t swap notes. But we should have. Oh, we should have. Their video is epic.

MeGroups from Midtown Fellowship on Vimeo.


Canada’s WestJet Airlines Converts to Metric Time(via @PremiumFunny) WestJet is still my favorite-airline-I’ve-never-flown-on, and this is part of the reason why.


Tom’s ShuberX(via @TIME) From the people who spread shoes around the world comes a car service that will take you around the corner.