I managed to snap this photo on the fly yesterday morning at our Brier Creek Campus. I say “managed to” because Sandy – the lady in the picture – is like a Windex Ninja. She stealthily sneaks in, works a little no-streak magic, and then disappears as quickly as she came. (Look at her! She’s even wearing black. Boom.)

Sandy is a part of our Freshen Up Team…a weekend band of super heroes that are never seen by 98% of the population of the Summit. But they’re there. Oh, how they’re there. While people are sitting in the auditorium participating in worship, the Freshen Up Team is hard at work cleaning windows, restocking toilet paper, wiping down sinks, and flushing toilets (seriously, some of you people are slobs).

And it hit me yesterday: when Sandy and Todd and the rest of the Windex Ninjas do their job well…no one notices. But when it’s undone…when a door is smudged with fingerprints or there is paper towel confetti on the restroom floor or the trash cans are overflowing in the lobby…that, people see.

It’s the unnoticed details that can often carry the biggest impact if they’re not taken care of. It’s the little things that we don’t proactively think about that can sink a guest services ship. It’s the Sandys and Todds that do what they do not so they’ll be seen, but because the smudges will be seen if they don’t.

Who are some of your unsung heroes? And what are the jobs they faithfully do every single week, even when nobody knows about it?