A Reason To Really Be Offended(via @DavidCMathis) If you’ve hung out here for a while, you know this lines up perfectly with our First Impressions plumbline: The Gospel Is Offensive (Nothing Else Should Be)I’m grateful to David for describing the “offensive” part so crisply.

It is wondrously good news. But unavoidable is the offense, that insulting supposition, that bad news that sets up the good. Did you catch it? You’ve gone tragically bad. You’re a foolhardy rebel against the most powerful person in the universe. There’s nothing you can do to save yourself, earn God’s favor, or get yourself out of the cosmic pit you’re in — the pit you dug and can’t climb out of.

Reading Made Awesome: The Features Of eBook Apps You Should Be Using(via @Lifehacker) I still haven’t completely made the jump to eBooks, but this makes me pretty happy. (nerdalert)

Even in simple stories, keeping up with characters can be an annoyance, but big stories can be downright impossible. Which is why Amazon invented X-Ray. This feature allows you to read up on characters, ideas, or notable items so you don’t get lost. Just mind the spoilers.

This Might Be The World’s Most Romantic Proposal. Merriem tipped me off to this. I think she’s saying that my McDonald’s parking lot proposal wasn’t romantic. (I kid.)