I read things. You read things. But life gets fun when we share what we’re reading, thinking about, and chewing on from around the web. Here are three of my “things” from the past week. Remember campers: if you’re new, click on the bold print for the original article.

Guest Services: The Basics. It’s not a secret that I owe much of the last decade of my ministry life to my friend Mark Waltz. He literally wrote the book on First Impressions. If you’re new to that game, this post will help you wade into the art of the guest at your church.

I’ve been asked lately about some bottom-line “musts” to establish and/or take guest services excellence to the next level. This isn’t an exhaustive list (that’s why I wrote a few books on the topic), but these core essentials will provide a foundation to make your serve to guests excellent and personable.

Why You Should Spend Your Morning In A Cave. (via Fast Company) This is an absolute must for me. What’s your first-part-of-the-day work habit?

Let the independent start the day in her cave, free of email, drop-in meetings, and other subtle suckers of productivity. Then have everybody assemble around the campfire at a regular hour–like maybe around lunchtime.

“Then everybody knows what to expect and will accomplish more,” she says.

A (Slightly) Awkward Interview on Crazy Busy. (via Justin Taylor) A book promo video that has already made its way around the interwebs over the last week, but it’s still the Funniest. Book promo. Ever. Take six minutes and thank me later.