I recognized that moment immediately yesterday. It was the same moment I’d experienced two years prior. It was the experience of seeing hundreds of people leave their seats, walk the concourse, take the steps, head to a tent, and move from death to life in a relationship with Jesus.

It’s that moment where all the months of planning, praying, and strategizing comes to a screeching halt, and we tangibly saw God moving people into his plan, the plan he’s had since the beginning of time.

And it’s that moment where I was simply rendered incapacitated for a while, unable to do anything except stare, mouth agape, tears flowing, throat constricting, and heart overflowing with gratitude to the God who doesn’t need us, but allows us to participate in the joy of this journey.

When the dust settled, the final count was 11,500 in attendance, 530 baptized (79 of those were first time salvation decisions), somewhere around 1,300 volunteers, and $75,000 in cash and two truckloads of supplies given to Urban Ministries of Durham and Salvation Army Women’s and Children’s Shelter.

More Church at the Ballpark posts and stories will be coming later this week. But for now, enjoy some of the images captured this weekend, and thank God for his mercy and kindness in the tiniest of details.

(Big thanks to Brett Seay for providing most of these incredible shots!)