Your Theology Doesn’t Matter (via @BenReed, HT @AlanPace). Simply put? Ben nails it.

If you want to make loyal “customers,” (people who don’t just show up once, but come back regularly) that doesn’t start in the pulpit. That doesn’t start with your theology.

People could care less about where you stand on the authorship of the book of Hebrews or how long it took to create the Earth. They don’t even care what you believe about the Bible.

Repenting of our lack of response and follow up (via @VillageChurchTx). This is gutsy, raw, and real. As a church staff member who deals with the same issues, I applaud Village for taking this seriously. We can learn from them.

As a church staff, we need to humble ourselves before you and repent for our collective lack of response and follow-up. Historically, we have garnered and earned a reputation for lackluster response to emails and phone calls and for not following through on what we say we will do.

LG pranks unsuspecting job applicants with a fake meteor crash (via @LaughingSquid) I really, really hope these are real reactions, and not staged. Amazing.