A bit of backstory: at the church where I serve, our Brier Creek Campus has a venue that opens during the fall and spring, our peak attendance times. We call it “BC South,” and it’s relaunching this weekend. We don’t ask people to attend that venue out of a sense of need or duty, but out of mission: the mission to free up space in both venues in order to make room for guests.

It’s that mission that Kim – one of our First Impressions team members – embraced, and that mission she asked her small group to rally around. The (slightly edited) email below is reprinted with her permission.

Hey besties!

Yay! Great news! I am writing this email to feel ya all out on a possible worship/serve change. The Summit has a strong need to free up over 200 seats for first time guests and returning college students. Church is about to get slammed! Waahoo! BC South is going to launch this Sunday and is located a few blocks down the sidewalk. It has its own worship band and campus pastor. Best part…We get to watch Pastor JD on the big screen! Just like we are at a super cool movie theatre! Sooo fun!

Why this amazing move change?

  1. We want to make BC South a cozy campus where people feel comfortable and at home.
  2. We want to help avoid BC South being an overflow campus (where people attend after the main campus is full).
  3. Many first time guests may not make it to church on time due to…time confusion…Where do I park?…Kids, where do they go? We don’t want them to be a frazzled mess and finally make it to the front door to be asked to walk another 100 miles down the sidewalk to the south campus. Did you know that first-time guest usually decided whether or not they will return to the church before the service starts??
  4. We love to free up seats and new experiences.
  5. Kim is going.
  6. Because we’re all in!

If you currently serve at North you’re in luck. South has a greater need for volunteers than the North. If you would like to start serving you’re in luck. I will hook you up!

Something to think about…more importantly pray about. I know how much we all love our seats and community at church and completely understand if you are unable to make this move. Let me know your thoughts.

So who is with me? I may or may not be providing gummy worms and Reese’s Pieces for anyone open to exchanging the real deal JD for the movie star JD. Just saying.


I love it when our people get the mission. I love it even more when they live the mission. I lose my flippin’ mind when they get others to live the mission with them. Thanks Kim, for leading the way!