We’re on the heels of the Southern Baptist Convention’s 2013 meeting in Houston. The following post was written just prior to the 2010 meeting in Orlando.

Our church doesn’t have the name “Baptist” in our moniker, even though we are one.  Although there are various reasons for that, one of the main benefits is that people are willing to give us a fair shake – something they may not do if they walked in with preconceived ideas of what we’re like (“Hey, no old hymnal smell?  Well, very nice.  Very nice indeed.”)  For us, one part of being Baptist means that we’re associated with a tremendous network of churches that partner together to send church planters all over the globe.

The SBC isn’t all bad.  Remember, Southern Baptists have given us great Vacation Bible School themes like Far Out Far East Rickshaw Rally: Racing to the Son.  Let’s see the Lutherans pull of something like that, especially after all the drinking.

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