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How the devil comforts us. (Ray Ortlund) Wow.

“When the devil accuses us and says, ‘You are a sinner and therefore damned,’ we should answer, ‘Because you say I am a sinner, I will be righteous and saved.’  ‘No,’ says the devil, ‘you will be damned.’  And I reply, ‘No, for I fly to Christ, who gave himself for my sins.


Five hidden axioms of volunteer management. (Rich Birch) The statement below is worth the price of admission:

Effective church leaders find ways to create more “spaces” for volunteers. Rather than a scarcity mindset that focuses on not having enough people to fill roles … our job is to create more spots for people to serve.


Reasons my son is crying(HT Laughing Squid) Shoot. I wish I’d thought of this first.

Some dad out there has recently started Reasons My Son is Crying, a funny Tumblr blog that chronicles his toddler son crying over a bunch of (seemingly) little things. He posts a photo of his kid mid-cry and then captions why he’s bawling his eyes out.I broke this cheese in half.

  • I broke this cheese in half.