It’s Lazy Bum Week around the ol’ blog. I’m laying low and sharing some piled-up content that I’ve been collecting around the web. New stuff comes back next week. Enjoy!

Name That Space Rock, A Handy Chart That Explains Meteors and MoreAdmit it. You needed this a couple of weeks ago.

With the recent meteor/meteorite news, illustrator Tim Lillis of Narwhal Creative realized that he was confused about the differences between meteors, meteoroids, comets, and meteorites, so he designed “Name That Space Rock,” a handy chart that explains them all.

3D Doodler: 3D Pen That Lets You Draw Plastic ObjectsRemember kids: only seven more shopping months till my birthday.

3Doodler is a 3D printer pen that makes it possible to “draw” three-dimensional plastic objects. The pen works by heating a thin plastic wire until it is pliable, and then cooling the plastic with a fan after it comes out of the pen tip. The creators of 3Doodler, Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue of WobbleWorks, are raising funds for the project on Kickstarter.

Weatherman Passes Out Live On Air. Seriously, he didn’t sort of expect this?