There’s talent, and then there’s crazy talented. My friend Ashley Unzicker has and is both.

Ashley is one half of the Unzicker duo. Her husband Todd is a fellow pastor at the Summit, our Campus Pastor here at Brier Creek, and apart from one unauthorized Christmas singalong CD, he has no marketable musical talent that I know of.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you the first ever First Impressions music video, written, shot, performed, and edited by Ashley, and featuring our weekend FI team at our Brier Creek campus. It’s pretty much my life’s work set to a beat. I can retire a happy man now.

(If you have older ears like me and can’t make out all these newfangled rap lyrics, I’ve provided them below.)

To see more of Ashley’s work (including her now-infamous Baptist History Rap), check out her YouTube channel.


When you first pull up it’s a lot

It’s a great big place and a lot of spots

But b b b believe it or not

The sermon starts in the parking lot

You shouldn’t have to figure out by yourself

Where to go, so there’s guys out in orange to help

They’ll show you right where to go

So you’re not standing there like, “derrrr I don’t know”

As you’re walking from the lot on your way

You’re like hey yo, what’s up, hello, heyyyyyyyyy

——It’s the place to be

Check the First Time Guests Tent, there you see?

Fill out a card with your name,

Get a gift, get a smile, and a “Glad you came!”

Now – now you walk right through the door

Where you’re noticed, and welcomed, and greeted, some more

You know it’s been a good day

When you’re treated like this without having to pay Hey

The sermon starts right now

Cause you know that everything speaks

From the way we park cars to the way that we greet And

The sermon starts right now

It doesn’t just start when J.D.’s on the spot

Cause the sermon starts in the parking lot

In the parking lot (left)

In the parking lot (right)

So now you’re inside

Next Steps on your left, worships on your right

You go and get a good look

At some cool t-shirts and JD’s new book What?

you get a worship guide

at the door from somebody who seems real nice

Whoa! It’s a big space in there

Don’t matter… we’ll take you right to your chair

Haha the sermon’s started

JDizzle with the gospel case you haven’t heard it

Jesus came and even knew

He’d live a perfect life and give it up for you

And this we don’t deserve

We want to show this, which is why we come to serve

You might be wondering what you can do

Get up, sign up and come serve here too