Next week my friend and long-time fellow Summit pastor Brad O’Brien heads to the north country. Brad, his wife Jena-Marie, and a truckload of folks from the Summit are moving to Baltimore to plant Redeemer City Church.

Brad and I came on staff eight weeks apart a decade ago (he’d want me to tell you that he’s carried seniority all these years). It’s still a little surreal that the buddy that’s just sort of always been around, no longer will be. So I thought it would be appropriate for today’s Flashback Friday to cover one of my favorite Brad stories. You can link to that below, then click the links above to support Redeemer City and pray for their team.

But there was a day when Brad and I became more than office mates.  On that day, he almost made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life for mine.  On that day, as I sat developing a master plan for the ongoing discipleship of thousands (or playing Free Cell, I really can’t remember), the tone in the office turned ominous.  Brad’s voice broke what had been the silent click-click-clicking of computer keys, and his pitch was lower than normal:

“Danny.  Don’t.  Move.”

Read the entire post here. (Trust me, you’ll be glad you did).