As I type, we’re wrapping up day one of Christmas at DPAC, and getting prepared for two more services on Christmas Eve. It has been – in short – amazing. Freakishly amazing.

Our First Impressions Team has been in top form and have made me so, so proud. Our Summit Kids Team has served with class, skill, and thousands of Goldfish crackers. Our Production Team has never been slicker. The Gospel was shared 152 different ways: if you didn’t hear it, it wasn’t for lack of God speaking.

And our Worship Team?

Aw heck…our Worship Team.

I knew exactly 1.5% of the program setup before the first service launched at 11 AM Sunday. I was blissfully ignorant of what was to come. And then I snuck in for a few minutes at both the 11 and 2, but then sat through the 5.

So how was it?

I can’t explain it. Nobody can. But good grief…they absolutely tore the place to pieces. You need to understand that I’m a man with zero musical talent. When I sing it sounds like a flock of howler monkeys with emphysema have been shoved into a wood chipper. But I’m pretty sure I know when I hear something that sounds good. And they did.

If you read this early enough on Monday, you oughta join me at DPAC for the 2:00 or 5:00 services. Officially, the free tickets are sold out. However, if you get there an hour before service, there’s a good chance the box office will hook you up. It’s worth a shot.

And speaking of shots, here are a few of my faves from day one. Big thanks to Brett Seay for sneaking me a few…