Connectors gonna connect.

Back in 2003 when I started in the brand new role of Assimilation Pastor here at the Summit Church, I had one thought on my mind:

“Does assimilation have one ‘m’ or two?”

The second thought was, “How quickly can we change my title to something else?”

But a third thought was also in the recesses of my brain: “Am I the only one out here?”

At the time, I only knew of one other Connections Pastor in the nation, the Hoosier Daddy* himself, Mark Waltz. And since that time, I’ve gotten to know a few dozen more men and women who do what I do.

But I know there are more out there. And I know at least a few of you stumble across this corner of the blogosphere from time to time. That’s why today I’m announcing the First Annual Connective Tissue Connections Ministry Survey™. (It’s not really trademarked, but I think you’ll agree it makes it look way cooler.)

Here’s how this works: you click the link below, fill out a simple form, and then boom: I know you’re out there. Whether you’re a connections pastor, director, guru, czar, dictator, or potentate, I’d like to hear from you. Whether you’re full time or part time, paid or volunteer, megachurch or Possum Holler Baptist, I’d love to connect.

The fine print: I’m building this list for my personal use. I won’t sell, spam, share, or trade your info for any reason other than personal, targeted, one-on-one connection opportunities (i.e., “Your church is in Council Grove? You need to meet my buddy David up in Topeka.”). I won’t put you on my Christmas card list (unless you ask, and send money to cover the Madonna and Child stamp). I reserve the right to use it to promote my upcoming All-Star Connections Pastor Polka Band World Tour. And from time to time (translated: very rarely because we’re all so stinkin’ busy), I may pass along news you can actually use, news that would bore a mere mortal blogging audience, but would make connections nerds cackle with glee.

So that’s it. Reach out. Make contact. Whether we know each other or not, whether you’re in Jacksonville or Johannesburg, whether you’re brand new or a seasoned pro, let’s connect.

Here we go: Connective Tissue Connections Ministry Survey.



*You gotta admit, that’s one of my better puns.