It’s State Fair time in North Carolina again…the time when you load up your family in the minivan, head down I-40, and embark on a fun-filled evening of applying hand sanitizer to every square inch of your body, including the vital tissues on the interior.

We made a rather unexpected and last minute trip to the fair on Wednesday night. If I listen closely, I can still hear my blood cells scooting past each other inside crowded veins (“‘Scuse me, pardon me. ‘Scuse me, pardon m…is that a TWINKIE?!?“)

A few years back I shared some tips on how to get the most out of the fair. If you haven’t had this year’s fair share of greasy food (did you see what I did there? BOOM.), then you’ll want to read on:

…Now it’s time to stake your claim on your favorites.  Tater twirls, turkey legs, Wisconsin fried cheese… Hey, you saved money on water.  Now you get to treat yourself to the stuff the fair is all about.  Make sure you ask for the warm ranch dressing.  It’s not warm on purpose, though…so on second thought you might want to skip it.  Mmmm…food poisoning. [read more]