Here’s the goodies I’ve been reading / watching this past week. Enjoy.

Controlling Your Home with the Touch of an iPad. Good googly moogly, this is cool.

The technology works remotely from anywhere in the world. If you have an internet connection, you can control the home. Want the air conditioning running when you walk through the door on a hot summer day, flick it on using your iPhone. [video]

Glimpses of the 1906 Earthquake Seen in Modern Day Photos of San Francisco. Amazing.

To put these photos together, I first create a catalog of historical photos that look like they have potential to be blended. Unfortunately most of these photos end up on the digital cutting room floor because there’s simply no way to get the same photo today because either a building or a tree is in the way. Once I get a good location, I get everything lined up just right. My goal is to stand in the exact spot where the original photographer stood. Doing this needs to take into account equivalent focal length, how the lens was shifted, light conditions, etc. I take plenty of shots, each nudged around a bit at each location. Just moving one foot to the left changes everything. [read more]

What Successful People Do with the First Hour of Their Work Day. I define successful as in, “apparently not me, because I don’t do any of this stuff.” Bummer.

How much does the first hour of every day matter? As it turns out, a lot. It can be the hour you see everything clearly, get one real thing done, and focus on the human side of work rather than your task list. [read more]