Fresh outta the archives (which is a oxymoronic sentence if there ever was one), here’s a fun-filled topic from last year:

When I came on board in 2003, the church had transitioned to a hybrid model: on-campus Sunday School and off-campus small groups. One of my first roles was to complete the transition to 100% small groups, and I was just young enough and just stupid enough to say, “Sure, that sounds easy.”

And by and large, it was easy, compared to finding a cure for the common cold or explaining the popularity of Nickelback. We transitioned primarily because of space issues: the church was growing so rapidly that there wasn’t enough room for all of our adults to meet on site on Sunday morning.

But the transition from on-site to off-site led to a host of intangibles, some we expected and some we didn’t:

Yikes. Cliffhanger for church polity nerds. Read the entire post here.