Some Thursdays, I link you to meaningful articles that I’ve been reading. But other Thursdays (this Thursday), you get fluff.

Hey, fluff can be good. Kick your feet up. Have some coffee. Read the fluff.

Ten Worst Marriage Proposal FailsI’ll admit, every time I see one of these, I think, “FAKE!” But good grief, there are ten assembled fakes here. God bless the poor guys who pop the question without having a 147% guarantee that she’ll say yes. (video)

Pennsylvania Road Crew Paints Yellow Line Over Dead RaccoonMy pastor from when I was growing up used to say, “The only thing in the middle of the road are yeller streaks and dead possums.” He can add another mammal to that list. (photo)

This is America’s Sugar Addiction – an infographicThis makes me depressed. And makes me crave a king sized Snickers bar.