Flashback Friday is back after its summer vacation. Today’s journey in the wayback machine actually opens up a rabbit hole of sorts to a week-long Audience Participation Week series, where commenters chose three random words that I had to work into a post.

Yes, it sounded like a great idea at the time, thanks for asking.

Here’s a teaser:

When a secondary issue becomes a primary issue, you have a recipe for disaster.  Whether it’s an individual who makes their cause of utmost importance or an entire church that takes its focus off the gospel and places it on something silly, secondary issues should remain secondary, not primary.  That’s why they’re called secondary, yo.

As a church staff, we’ve tried our best to identify those things that are our primary issues, and stick to them.  The result has been a church where the ministry lines are cleaner, the community aspect is deeper, and the worship experience is richer.

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