Stuff I’ve been digging over the last seven days…all in one place for your hyperlinked pleasure:

A Challenge for Dads on the Way Home TodayMichael Kelley is the real deal. If you’re a working father (and that shouldn’t be an oxymoron), this’ll be the best piece you’ll read today.

…the temperament of your wife and your kids is going to be altered in some way upon your arrival. It might be that you’ve had a hard day, and you want nothing more than to sit down and watch the news because, after all, you’ve earned it. It might be that you’ve been missing your family all day and you’ll bring laughter and joy with you. Whatever the case, you’re going to bring something. [read more]

Want More Volunteers? One of our sister churches here in the Triangle is raising the volunteer bar. Here’s how…

On the Kid’s Ministry webpage, they have very clearly listed out all the ministry roles. They communicate which roles have vacancy’s as well as what roles are filled. In addition to a list of roles, they’ve included job descriptions for each role so a potential volunteer can determine which role is their best fit. Lastly, they’ve listed the staff/volunteer process along with providing their ministry application/background check form. They’ve made it into a 5 step process, making it so easy to volunteer and know what to do next. [read more]

Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With the Underused Gadgets You Already OwnI’m enough of a nerd that I think this is incredible. I’m not enough of a do-it-yourselfer that I’ll ever actually do it.

What can you do with a dead hard drive? A lot, apparently. For example, you can turn it into a laser light show projector, make a steampunk clock, or turn it into a smartphone stand. Hard drives, even when dead, always seem like such a substantial thing to throw away. Instead, just make something cool and let it’s spirit live on against the wall, on your desk, and in your heart. [read more]