Five Principles for Leaders Who Eat Elephants. (Hint: one of ’em ain’t “needs more ketchup.”)

Somewhere in between [those two extremes] is the right balance of change leadership. There is no magic formula or simple chart to follow. Every organization is different. But every organization needs leaders who are effective in leading the change. [read more]

The Best April Fools Day Pranks of All Time. I’m kind of hurt that this one didn’t make the list.

In 1996, the Taco Bell Corp. announced it had bought the Liberty Bell and was renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. The announcement caused much consternation among citizens, who started calling the National Historic Park in Philadelphia to protest the corporate name-change.  [read more]

MagicReader Flips Through PDF Pages with the Nod of Your Head, No Hands Required. I’ll be honest: I downloaded and tried this one last night. And I’ll be even more honest: I looked like an idiot. (And I got a neck cramp. And it never worked.)

…you just turn your head to the left or right and MagicReader will move to the next or previous page. You can even reverse the direction if you prefer. It takes a second to detect your face, but if you’re actually reading and not just trying to see if it really works you’ll probably stare at the page long enough for it do that. [read more]