Today is the day. Our lives have changed forever. We are officially old.

Our firstborn is sixteen.

While it will be a few more days until Jacob gets the coveted piece of plastic that will declare vehicular freedom (and outrageous insurance premiums), I thought this flashback post from when he got his learner’s permit would be appropriate.

Happy birthday, Jacob! I’m going to give your mama her antidepressants now.

Dads, you should practice the key toss. You know the one I’m talking about: The “We-Just-Walked-Out-Of-The-DMV, I’m-The-Casual-And-Cool-Dad, and Here-You-Go-Son-You-Drive-Us-Home-Because-I-Have-Confidence-You-Won’t-Kill-Us-Today” key toss. I had one chance to get it right, and by golly it was a Kodak moment. I threw well, he caught well, and it’ll remain etched in my memory forever.

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