Every Thursday we dial back the original content a bit (because let’s face it…Monday through Wednesday ain’t exactly an art walk through the Louvre) and share a little of what I’ve been reading on the side. This isn’t your Piperesque defenses of Trinitarian supremacy or the great works of Chesterton. Nope, you’ll always find three quick articles regarding stuff that’s piqued my interest in the past week. Enjoy…

Wal-Mart, Customer Service, and Your Church. Friend-to-the-Summit and small groups czar Ben Reed speaks my love language  in this post. He nails why we do what we do.

It’s easy to feel like we have more “important things” than helping someone find a different classroom. Or find the welcome desk. Or get information about another ministry. Our role is much “bigger” and more “important” than that…we preach, we lead children’s ministries, and we equip volunteers. We set up hallways, hang banners, and operate the computers. We don’t have time for little things like, “Do you know where the baby dedication happens today? [read more]

Extreme Fliers. This “up in the air” phenomenon has fascinated me for the last couple of years. Do you know anybody who does this? And can anyone tell me why my frequent flier points have only netted me a six-month subscription to Fast Company?

Collecting frequent-flier points also is important, almost like a badge of honor, for these extreme fliers. Many of the travelers here at MegaDo have hundreds of thousands of miles in their accounts. Some say their mileage can be counted in the millions — all of which, of course, can be turned into more travel. [read more]

“Cloud Tsunami” Rolls Over Florida CondosStaying on the topic of flying, this is one oddly beautiful sight…

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