As a part of this week’s Ten Year Anniversary emphasis, the Summit staff and their spouses took a little field trip yesterday back to our roots. Well, some of our roots. The vast majority of our team had never seen these particular roots, and were subjected to a half-day of one-sided reminiscing:

“Oh look! They painted this thing. Remember when it used to not be this color?”

“Wow! Chairs! Remember when we used to have chairs here but they were different?”

“What the…they kept the bathrooms!”

Okay, so our reminiscing was a bit more in-depth than that, but you get the picture…the day was much more fun for those who remembered our old facilities.

[click on any photo to enlarge]

We started off with breakfast and an orientation of sorts at our Cole Mill Road property (location of our original multi-site experiment)...

...then drove over to the old building on Holt School Road.

The north entrance (Holt Elementary side); looks a touch different than when we were there.

If you look closely you can see a 2004-era Homestead Heights / Summit logo still hanging on...

Our staff gathered in the main auditorium...

...and filled it up close to what the church would have on some Sundays back in the day.

Rick Langston assumed his position as Pastor of Announcements (still the greatest).

J.D. made a few presentations, including one to Rick and Chris Gaynor, two super-studs who weathered many storms in this building.

Brad O'Brien and I snuck off for a photo op in our old office space.

Confused about the Homestead Heights / Summit Church timeline? Check out this video that will explain more.

Special thanks to The River Church for allowing us to take a trip down memory lane!