We’re forever on the cusp of cutting edge here at Connective Tissue (the name of this blog. Pay attention.). Three weeks ago I introduced you to Thursday Three For All. Today we begin Flashback Friday. Pretty soon I might do Microwave Popcorn Monday or Water Buffalo Wednesday, just as soon as I can figure out how to make that happen.

But I digress. Flashback Friday is a new feature for newer readers. If you’ve just been around these parts for a short time, there are nearly 600 archived posts sitting around collecting dust. I say blow off the dust and bring ’em out of the mothballs. Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? You’d tell me that I’m losing my edge, getting lazy, and recycling content?

Oh. Well, I guess there’s that.

Our first Flashback Friday deals with a current series that we’re working through as a church. Pastor J.D. is reaching new depths (get it?) with Castaway, a group of messages out of the book of Jonah. The following post was written a few years back, but is just as applicable to me today. Here’s a sample:

So picture it: it’s Saturday night, 10 PM.  I’m sitting in my bedroom on the phone, listening to horrible on-hold music as I wait for the people from Dish Network to stop fixing other people’s problems so they can fix mine, and I have the cartoony fume lines coming out of my head at a rather rapid pace, and I am muttering Yosemite Sam style cuss words under my breath (“Bracken frackin racken varmits…”), and I am absolutely furious that I was the recipient of a random good deed, and…and…and…

…God spoke.

Check out the entire post here. And tune in next week for Microwave Popcorn Monday. Or maybe Tie-Dye Tuesday. You never know.