Hey gang. I’m back from a brief six-week blog sabbatical. I’m going to jump right in with some new…

Editor’s note: Wait. What? You can’t just “jump right in.” Explanation, please. What gives?


Editor: You’ve been out for six weeks. Six freakin’ weeks. That’s longer than the gestation period of a rabbit. So what have you been doing? Breeding rabbits? Maybe running a rabbit matchmaking service, arranging a rabbit wedding, and THEN breeding rabbits? Because you’ve had the time.

I don’t think rabbits actually get married. They…

Editor: Stay on topic. You don’t just drop a blog and stay gone for 42 days. There had better be a good reason. Alien abduction? Witness protection program? Bleeding ulcers? There are at least four people out there who want to know where you’ve been, one of ’em being your sister.

Hey, it’s been busy. If you haven’t been paying attention, I have a new daughter. And she’s cute. And when I get home and she wants to play, you’d better believe that I darn tootin’ play. We sort shapes.

Editor: You do what?

Sort shapes. It’s a game where you take little plastic shapes and put ’em in little plastic holes in a little plastic ball. There are only about ten shapes that we sort, so it doesn’t take long. She’s pretty amazing at it, and probably is the best shape sorter in the history of shape sorters. (I’m convinced she’s smarter than your kid.) But then she wants to do it over and over and over and over again.

Editor: Like over and over…?

Like 42 days’ worth of over and over. She’s very persistent.

Editor: So what else?

Um, you know. Two kids playing basketball. I preached a sermon or two. We have this thing called Christmas at the Summit. Oh, and we sold our house.

Editor: And that’s a big deal because…

It’s a big deal because our house would’ve been on the market for five years this February. FIVE. YEARS. I can’t imagine doing anything fun for five years. And do you know how many generations of rabbits you could breed in five years? But it sold. Dang it, it sold. So that’s been fun. We’ve been packing up and cramming eight years’ worth of household goods into boxes, so that shape sorting thing has come in handy.

Editor: I’ll bet you could write a whole series of posts on what God has drilled into your thick skull during this process.

Yeahbuddy. Another post for another day.

Editor: So you’re moving? 

Yep. We close right after the first of the year. And don’t ask where, because we don’t know. Somewhere in Durham. But we’re waiting on The Right House.

Editor: Defined as?

Some house we haven’t found, but we know is out there. Preferably with more square footage than what we have now and a garage and one that’s not out in the middle of flippin’ nowhere which is where we’ve been for the last eight years and a comfortable mortgage payment and if my fourteen year old has his way a full-sized basketball court complete with locker rooms and a scoreboard.

Editor: Bottom line…are you going to be more consistent in this blog? Should people get their hopes up? And more importantly…will you be interesting? Because the people, they like interesting.

I don’t know. Probably not. And you know the answer to that.

Editor: So…see you tomorrow?

Maybe. I got shapes to sort.