My good friend and rock star First Impressions Team member Clayton Greene sent me the following story. With his permission, I’m reprinting it in it’s entirety. Don’t let the “home trimming device” line fool you – Clayton is a guy with a sharp eye for a good first impression. He’s one of the folks who gets ‘er done every Sunday at the Summit’s Brier Creek campus, and reminds us that it’s important to take ownership of your role and connect with people…even at a hot dog stand.

I was going into Lowes after a long day of work.  I needed to find the right weed eater line to fix the line on my home trimming device.

Did I mention it was 4:00 in the afternoon?

Did I mention I hadn’t had lunch yet?

As I walked out of the door the sweet aroma of hot dogs, chili, and sausages drifted past my nose.  I turned and looked.  Being a lover of efficiency I find it difficult to pull off the road and wait in the drive through line to pick up some food.  I knew this was a great opportunity.  Jim’s Dogs was going to meet my needs.  They already had me hooked.  Their placement, prices, and product smells had me rushing to the car to grab a few dollar bills (of course they didn’t take debit).

Jim was out for the day but Tim was taking his place.  (Tim works on Mondays and Tuesdays). Tim was almost out of dogs for the day but had one sausage dog left.  He asked how I liked my dog.  I said I didn’t know, I would take it how he like ‘em.  Chili, onions, and mustard. Tim asked me my name and asked how my day was and we chatted as he was making my late lunch.

I asked for a drink as well and offered my three dollars.  Tim looked at me in the eye and said, “is this your first time with us?” I answered in the affirmative.  Tim says, “end of the day special, two dollars, come back and see us.”

And I will.

Tim wasn’t even the owner.  Jim was off that day.  But Tim has bought into the business.  He knows what it takes to make a happy customer.  The sausage dog was good enough, but his effort to make my experience a good one will keep me coming back to him over the fast food restaurant that won’t even ask me my name.

For lunch today, I suggest checking out the Cary Crossroads Lowes hot dog stand.  Tell Tim I sent you.  It’s Tuesday, he’ll be there.