It all started with The Nines.

As you may recall, The Nines is an annual event that started on 9/9/09. Leadership Network invites church leaders from around the country to submit nine minute videos for an online leadership conference (our own Pastor J.D. was a part of that first year).

It was a huge success. I immediately launched a campaign to start another conference called “The Tens,” featuring people who were slightly better looking. But alas, Carman was busy with his new TBN show, “Pentecostal Power Rangers,” so my plans crumbled down around me.

That’s why I’m super excited about an event coming up this Wednesday called Staff Infection, also presented by Leadership Network. It’s a free online gathering of fifty leaders from churches around the country…leaders of big teams, small teams, and in between teams. Each presenter gets five minutes to talk about the best practices of the teams that they lead.

Spence Shelton and I had an opportunity to contribute some material to this event, as well. Spence is talking about hiring and placing staff, and I’ll be talking about caring for people vs. managing projects.

Spence and I were able to see an advance copy of the schedule on Friday. Y’all, this junk is good. Many of these are leaders that I’ve followed over the years and have a huge amount of respect for. I’m really looking forward to this. So much so, that I’m going to gather with the guys on my team and watch it live as it unfolds on Wednesday afternoon.

You should, too. Staff Infection is a four hour event, but you can tune in for any portion you’d like. Registration is free, and you can do that here.