If you’re not a part of the Summit Church, y0u may not know that we’ve stumbled upon what has become an annual tradition. For the last couple of years, we’ve offered an instant baptism following all of our services at all of our campuses. We provide clothing, towels, and a thorough interview with a trained baptism counselor. (We also provide incredibly funky water by the time the day is over that probably hosts more parasites than a third world outhouse, but maybe that’s just my inner germophobe talking.)

But yesterday, we celebrated baptism with 79 people at our Brier Creek Sunday campus, and 159 baptisms church wide. I was able to be a part of many of those, and these are just a few of the stories I saw playing out…

  • Ron is in his late 40’s / early 50’s, and is a brand new believer in Jesus. Once he was baptized, he helped baptize his wife, because he wanted to signify his desire to lead her spiritually.
  • Norine is a single mom who moved to the Triangle on January 15th and started attending the Summit the next Sunday. She has four high school / college age daughters. Norine was baptized yesterday…along with three of her girls.
  • We baptized a Duke nursing student who moved here from California in August. When I asked her story, she said, “Long story short…I’ve run out of excuses. It’s time for me to do this.”
  • And in one of our last baptisms of the day, a girl climbed into the tank to be baptized by Omar King, our new venue pastor. They immediately recognized each other from when they’d worked together at O2 Fitness. The look on Omar’s face to see a co-worker come to Christ? Priceless.

I baptized a new friend from Kenya who is a student at UNC….along with a huge number of international students who moved from death to life. There were several sets of siblings who were baptized side-by-side together. Small group leaders baptized their small group members who’d given their lives to Jesus. College ministry leaders baptized scores of their own students. David Thompson, one of our pastors, got to baptize his oldest daughter Caroline.

It was an incredible day.

I’m thankful to be a part of a church where baptism is celebrated often. More than that, I’m thankful to serve a savior who was buried and rose again…not just as symbolism, but as reality.

So how about it, Summit? What were your favorite baptism stories from yesterday? Comment below.