My friend Katie Baker wrote a world-class post on dress and modesty. She said what every pastor wants to say from the stage, but can’t. Won’t. Skeered to. Whatever.

The reason that I’m glad Katie said it is because she’s definitely not what you would call an ultra-conservative gal who wears denim jumpers and doilies on her head. Nope, she’s young…just been married a few years…a brand-new mom…trendy…dare I say hip? She’s a role model to many of the college girls at the Summit’s West Club Campus, which is why I’m grateful she’s the one who wrote the post.

Okay, enough from me. Read Katie’s words. And ladies: please. Please. For the sake of the men in your lives and the men in your church, heed what she says. Heed what the gospel calls us to.

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