Yes, yes, I know it’s a stretch from The Proclaimers’ one-hit wonder, but work with me here, people. Work with me.

Today marks a half-a-thousand blog posts here at Connective Tissue. When we began this journey together back on July 8, 2008, whodathunk that we’d get this far? And yet here we are. The blog is moving out of the terrible twos stage, it’s been fully potty trained, and it doesn’t drop dictionaries on the cat nearly as often.

Poor kitty. There there.

So today instead of the usual stream of useful information (why are you snickering?!?), I just want to say thanks. Thanks for the conversations, the kind words, the support, and the friendship. Thanks for being a reader.

I would type 500 posts, and I would type 500 more.

(Oh, go ahead…it’s Friday. Crank your speakers and dance.)