It’s time once again, my peeps. Time to let you drive the content of ye olde blogge. Time for you to ask probing questions. Time to delve the depths of my vast theological knowledge.

Editor’s Note: Also time to realize that perhaps he should have his seminary degree revoked, because there’s not much vast theological knowledge going on up there.

Last spring we journeyed through a series of posts known as “Topical Tuesdays.” It was akin to a virtual round table discussion on life, ministry, and everything in between.

So fire away. Ask a question…any question. You can inquire about my position on covenant membership, how old I was when Jesus rocked my life, or why it appears that my bald spot is getting bigger by the day.

(For it. Eleven. You kiss your mother with that mouth?)

If nothing else, you can string me up like an ecclesiastical pinata and take a whack at the stuff you don’t agree with. Or with which you don’t agree. Or whatever.

In either case, it oughta be fun. Start the inquisition below.