Howdy Blogosphere. I’m back after a nearly two week hiatus. I…

Editor: Hold on. You can’t just show up after two weeks and jump right in to content. Where have you been?

You know, places. Lots of stuff happening. Snow days. Holidays. Anniversary trip (18 years, thank you very much).

Your anniversary trip took you 18 years?

No, I took an anniversary trip to celebrate 18 years. You know, for a blog editor you’re not all that bright.

Never mind that. What is your opinion on Hu?


That’s what I said. Hu. As in, the Chinese president that is at the White House right now.

What do you mean, what’s my opinion?

I mean, if you weren’t a pastor, wouldn’t you like to be a news anchor so you could say, “Hu is at the White House.” And your co-anchor could say, “Who?” and you could say, “THAT’S WHAT I SAID!” and then just smirk to the camera.

Um. Sure. that would be funny.

I know. That’s why I said it.

Today it’s my pleasure to bless your Friday with this little gem of a video that my family tipped me off to over Christmas. God bless Bill Cosby. He’s the greatest comedian that America has ever known.


No. He’s only funny in China.