I heart me some Google search terms. I believe that when Al Gore was inventing the Internet, there’s no way he could have foreseen the fun you could have by typing in random stuff and waiting to see what pops up (or maybe he could, be cause he also invented time travel).

Don’t believe me? Just try the old trick of typing in “French military victories” and click “I’m feeling lucky.” That was fun, wasn’t it?

That’s why I get a kick out of the search terms that lead people to this blog. Here are the best (and most unexplainable) of 2010…

  • “gourd jesus” (No. It’s Lord Jesus. Don’t worry…your sinuses will clear up soon.)
  • “facebook devouring” (Set my status to “starving.”)
  • “haters gonna hate statler waldorf” (Those two old Muppets bring out the street fight in some people.)
  • “little dog sniffing a big dog” (If you can’t sniff with the big dogs…)
  • “when to plant lima beans” (My best guess would be a few weeks before you want to eat the lima beans.)
  • “jack jacob pastor” (After God saved him from his Jingleheimer Schmidt, he went into the ministry.)
  • “what is another name for sphenopalatineganglioneuralgia” (I think it’s supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.)
  • “im a constant loser” (At least you’re predictable.)
  • “donut hole tomb snack idea” (For when you want to resurrect your appetite.)
  • “what is greg fishel’s favorite snack?” (I think our local weatherman likes donut hole tombs.)
  • “god is a chicken” (This is what happens when emergent guys get ahold of Luke 13:34.)
  • “what do the campus pastors do at summit church brier creek” (Pay attention. They write stupid blog posts like this one.)