I dig good stories of customer service. Especially when I’m the customer in question. Sure, I want you to have a good experience wherever you go, but I don’t want you to have all the fun.

So really, it’s not you. It’s me. All me.

Yesterday morning I had a “wow” moment in an unlikely place. I won’t say the name of the retailer here, but it rhymes with “Doll Cart.”

Editor’s Note: you’re delirious. Move on.

Anyway, I was at the Doll Cart early Sunday morning, making a quick stop to pick up some coffee bar supplies. Doll Cart is not where you expect to find happy, cheerful people, especially at 6:30 AM. I know that I would refuse to be cheerful if I was wearing a blue vest. (I prefer green. It brings out my eyes.)

But Jesse, my teenage Doll Cart Dude, was the epitome of cheerful. He greeted me enthusiastically (did I mention it was 6:30 AM?). He made small talk about all the coffee creamer I was buying (why wouldn’t I be buying forty bottles of creamer? I’m freakishly tolerant of lactose.). We even talked a little bit about church and leadership principles (why not? It’s 6:30 AM.).

Jesse took a task I normally despise and made it enjoyable. He took a big-box store I normally avoid and made it palatable. He took a morning that was otherwise cold and dreary and made it manageable. And along the way, he wasn’t just Jesse the Doll Cart Dude. He was Jesse the Teenager Who Partially Restored My Hope in the Future of Customer Service.

Yeah, you’re right. “Jesse the Doll Cart Dude” is going to fit better on his business card.

Mark Waltz calls ’em “wow moments” in a book I couldn’t recommend more. What are some of your recent “wow moments”? Comment below…