Warning: this post has the potential to make you want to respond. Don’t fight it.

One of our pastors received this from a friend. The friend is on staff at a church in the Triangle area, and this very real email found its way to the office of that very real church:


Our family has just moved to your area. We are seeking a church home and have a few questions please:

*We know the Lord loves all of us, but we believe in honoring the Culture the Lord gave us, so we are seeking a traditionally “White” church as opposed to Multi-cultural. Is your church White?

*Do you have a separate church service for children?

*Does your church have a softball team?

thanks in advance for replying.

For once, I’m speechless. I’ve tried coming up with the way I would respond to this, given the chance. Try #1 was snarky and witty. Try #2 was serious and preachy. So since I can’t figure out a way that I’d respond to this person, let me just say a few things to you, my blog friends:

  • “White” isn’t a culture. It’s a color. And it’s not even an accurate color, at that. I’m not white. I’m sort of a Pasty Peach.
  • “The Culture the Lord gave us” is the city we’re in. And our culture is a little bit white, a little bit African-American, a little bit Latino, and a little bit of a whole lot of other colors, tints, and textures. It’s the culture we’re called to. It’s the city we’re to bless. It’s the people we’re to love. Jeremiah 29:7 says, “…seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”
  • Any church that hopes to reach its city had better be a reflection of its city. Unless you live in Caucasianville, U.S.A., you’d better have a little bit of color in your pews and on your stage. I’m happy to say that although we’re not as far as we’d like to be, we’re a lot further than we used to be.

Those are my thoughts. But I ran the draft of this post by a few friends and fellow pastors to make sure I wasn’t way off base and just venting. One of my sounding boards was my buddy Sam Fisher. Sam had this to say:

“[It sounds like] the person is speaking more to preference. This person is obviously sheltered and comfortable which means he/she wouldn’t like Summit to begin with [even if we weren’t a diverse church]. We don’t do comfortable. We challenge folks to leave comfortable and go make disciples of ALL nations.”

Well said, Sam. Thanks for bringing some balance to the post. For the rest of you, I’ll let you make the joke about the softball team. I’m still too speechless to be funny right now.

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