Last week we gave a big collective goodbye to Lori Perdue, my administrative assistant for the last four years and the person who kept the Connections / Missions / Brier Creek Sunday ship afloat.  At last check, Brent and Lori are still driving to their new home in New Mexico and should arrive sometime in February.  Apparently they’re traveling by slothback.

But today…today we have big news.  Today I’m excited to introduce you to Monica Hughston.  She started training for the benevolent takeover three weeks ago, and we’ve decided she’s likeable enough that she should get her own blog post.  So away we go…

Monica and her husband Phil have been attending our Cole Mill Campus for the last several months.  She works in Summit Kids, he serves with our Production team.  Phil grew up in South Carolina, but Monica arrives in the Tarheel State via California (can you say, “culture shock”? I knew that y’all could!).  They just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.

Here are some quick facts you should know about her:

  • She grew up in Venezuela.
  • She speaks fluent Spanish and Hungarian.  So far, I’m pretty sure she and Raudel (Summit En Español’s Campus Pastor) are talking about me.  Or maybe the weather.  I can’t be sure.  And when we get a Summit campus in Hungary, I’m up a creek.
  • She was baptized last year at Saddleback, a small struggling church in California.  No word on whether she has Rick Warren on speed dial.
  • She’s the friendly voice you’ll hear if you call with questions about Brier Creek Sunday, the Connections Ministry (First Impressions or Starting Point) or our Church Planting ministry.

So go ahead…welcome Monica to the Summit staff team.  Or bienvenido her.  Or isten hozott her.  Either way, I have a feeling she’ll know what you mean.