I dig Dave Ramsey, and I think you should, too.  That’s not a broadly-painted statement like “I think you should try the new $1 chocolate turnover from Arby’s because it tastes like it’s made of chopped up baby angels.”  I understand that not everybody likes the taste of chopped up baby angels, and just because I could sit down and eat an Arby’s chocolate turnover the size of my car (hint: that’s quite large), I don’t necessarily think that you should feel the same way.  (Although you should.  You really should.)

But I digress.  As I was saying…I dig Dave Ramsey, and I think you should, too.  Because Dave Ramsey is a common-sense guy who has helped millions of people get out of debt.  Merriem and I are two of those people.  We never had a ton of consumer debt…a car payment here, a credit card there.  But a couple of years ago we decided to get serious, and in March of this year we plunked down the last payment on our last debt.  (We’re still paying for a house, because although we’re gazelle intense, our ability to pay off our house has been greatly slowed down by the aforementioned $1 Arby’s chocolate turnovers.  Which you should try.  Like right now.)

I digress again.  Dave is a good guy who says good stuff, and he’s coming to Raleigh on October 16th for the Total Money Makeover LIVE event.  Merriem and I will be there, and I want you to join us.  The Summit has purchased some tickets, and regardless of whether you call the Summit “home,” I want to cut you in on this deal.  You can pick up $43 tickets for $25.  The event will likely be a sellout, so pick ’em up from us.  You can order them online and I’ll drop them in the mail to you.

So let’s review: $25 will buy you 25 morsels of delectable angel baby goodness from Arby’s, or it will help you get out of debt…and stay out.  Yes, that’s a toss up, but as Dave says, “Live like no one else so later you can eat chopped up baby angels like no one else.”

Or something like that.  Order now.