This post should come with a James Taylor soundtrack.

It was ten years ago today that the Franks family loaded up the ’89 Ford Aerostar, said goodbye to friends and family, braved the Smoky Mountain pass known as I-40, crossed the state line, and became residents of the Tarheel State.

We came so that I could pursue a masters degree at Southeastern Seminary, and we had every intention of returning to my home state of Tennessee roughly six minutes after I graduated.

And of course, God had other things in mind.

Ten years, one more kid, multiple vehicles, one apartment, one house, two churches, tons of lifelong friends, and countless incredible experiences later, we’re still here.  We stuck.  What was supposed to be a three year vacation turned into a huge chapter of our lives.  What should have been the pursuit of a degree turned into a realized dream.  What should have placed me in a community of seminary students placed me in a community of the Summit family.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

I don’t know what decade #2 will hold.  I can’t tell you if we’ll still be North Carolina residents in 2020.  I learned a long time ago never to try and predict God’s hand.  But I can tell you this: as long as he allows, I’m excited about living in the Triangle and being a part of what he’s doing here.  It’s not always a barrel of laughs, but it’s always a challenge.

Following God always is.