Today, the scales have tipped.  Today, 2/3 of my children are teenagers.  That’s right…the sulking, the mood swings, the slammed doors and screams of “I wish I’d never been BORN!” have begun.  And that’s just me and Merriem…the kids are even worse.

Today our second born turns 13.  Austin is the inspiration for about 42% of the funny material on ye olde blog.  He is the comedian of the family, which says a lot if you know me at all.  There is no child in history that I love to watch laugh as much as Austin.  When he laughs, his whole body laughs.  It’s like a rapidly spreading infectious disease – when you see him laugh, it won’t be long before you catch it.

Austin is the kid that I can’t deny.  I share some characteristics with Jacob and Jase, but Austin is Mini-Me.  Total strangers will walk up to him at church and say, “You have to be Danny’s son.”  Whether he likes that or not, I don’t know, but God bless him, he does look like his daddy.

He resembles me in other ways, too.  We share a passion for all things Mac.  If it’s a gadget with a bitten apple on it, Austin wants it.  (He told me today he’s starting a savings account for an iPad.)  He loves to read.  He loves a good joke.  He’s a people person all stinkin’ day long.

But Austin is also in a world all his own.  He is fiercely competitive.  He’s not going to just play basketball, he’s going to play for Roy Williams and then get drafted into the NBA.  He’s not just going to make an “A” on a test, he’s going to finish that test before any other kid in the class even writes their name on the paper.  Competition is Austin’s greatest motivator, because he’s convinced there’s nothing he can’t do.

Austin loves music…he always has his iPod on.  He loves his ‘Heels…this was just a down year.  He loves fighting with his brothers and playing in the yard with the neighborhood kids and ~gasp~ he’s even begun to notice the fairer gender, if you get my drift.

So Austin: happy birthday, bud.  Here’s a few of my favorite blog posts, starring you…